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Company profile

Ningbo Fenghua Jiangkou Jingyi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is close to the scenic national AAAA-level tourist area "Top 500 Global Ecological" Tengtou Village, the entrance and exit of Yongjin Expressway, with beautiful ecology and convenient transportation.

Founded in 2012, the company is a manufacturing private enterprise specializing in the production of accumulators, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components and other products. With advanced production equipment and complete testing methods, the products are wide in variety and complete in specifications. The company covers an area of 4000m2, with an existing plant of 3200m2, with more than 30 sets of main production equipment and testing equipment, and total assets of 5 million yuan. The company now has more than 30 employees (including 6 engineering and technical personnel). The company has an annual production capacity of 12,000 accumulators.

In accordance with TSG Z0004-2007 "Basic Requirements for Quality Assurance System for Special Equipment Manufacturing, Installation, Renovation, and Maintenance", the company has established a complete quality assurance system, so that every link of pressure vessel manufacturing from raw materials to final delivery can ensure products quality. Maintaining quality and quantity, meeting customer needs and getting market recognition are the company's pursuit goals. "Product quality is the life of an enterprise" and "No quality today, no market tomorrow" are the most basic quality awareness of this unit. Once a quality problem occurs, the unit will definitely respond as soon as possible, and follow the principle of "resuming production first, then clarify responsibilities" to resolve product failures and ensure customer satisfaction.

Providing users with the highest quality products and services is the quality commitment of all employees of this unit.


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